TJD Life Insurance and Annuity is a national life insurance brokerage company, partnered with North American Senior Benefits an Integrity company. We specialize in various life insurance products for all ages. We take a unique customizable approach that puts you in the driver seat to get you where you want to be.

Our mission is serving and meeting the needs of our clients who trust us to accurately put a plan in place for them. Our company offers a personalized approach to providing customized, tailored solutions to each of our clients needs. With offices located throughout the country, you’ll speak with a licensed professional.


Final Expense (Burial)

Final expense, also known as burial coverage or funeral insurance is a whole life insurance policy that has a small death benefit and is easier to get approved for. The smaller death benefit of final expense insurance makes the premiums more affordable and the policy is permanent. No matter when you pass away, your heirs will get the death benefit you want them to have. These policies are also available to applicants with poor health and the application process doesn’t include a medical exam. 

Mortgage Protection (Term)

Mortgage life insurance is designed to protect heirs if the borrower passes away while owing mortgage payments. Types of coverage include declining-term (the face amount decreases as the mortgage balance drops) or level death benefit and premiums stay the same for the duration of the term period. This is the most affordable life insurance and allows the consumer a larger death benefit.


Whole Life insurance is a permanent death benefit for an individuals entire life. Whole Life insurance includes a savings element, called cash value. Some policies are eligible for dividend payments and the policyholder can choose to receive those dividends or purchase additional death benefits which will increase the total payout at the time of death. 

Universal Life

Universal Life Insurance (UL) is considered permanent life insurance however the client may choose to what age the policy is in force until. UL insurance has an investment savings element and low premiums similar to those of term life insurance. Three types of UL insurance options are flexible-premium, single premium (a lump sum one time premium), or fixed-premiums. Similar to a savings account, a UL insurance policy can accrue cash value. The cash value earns interest based on the current market or minimum interest rate, whichever is greater. UL policyholders may borrow against the cash value without tax implications.


An Annuity is a long term investment or a fixed sum of money and is designed to provide constant cash flow for people during their retirement years. The accumulation is the first process of the annuity where investors fund the product with either a lump sum or frequent payments.Through the annuitization phase what you’ve contributed is converted into periodic payments that can last a lifetime.



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Always a pleasure going to TJD Life Insurance and Annuity always make me feel at home and comfortable.



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